About us

Equity is complex,
Secfi's here to help.

We are on a mission to help startup employees and shareholders understand, maximize and unlock the value of their equity.

đź‘‹ We are startup employees who, frustrated by the complexity of equity compensation, decided to build software to help you do better than we did.

We help you understand your equity by providing high quality educational content and analysis tools.

We help you maximize your returns with our tax optimization tools and exercise planning solutions. We also finance employees stock option exercise to help you benefit from the advantages of exercising early.

We know that private company stocks can take time to become liquid so we created financing products that help you unlock the value of your hard earned equity ahead of exit, without selling your shares.

Wouter's founding story

How it all started

Wouter Witvoet

Founder and Chairman

Wouter was like most startup employees, he thought he had his equity situation under control. When he decided to leave his previous company, things got messy.

In his previous startup job, he got slapped with a six figure tax bill to exercise his options when he wanted to leave.

He could not find anyone to help him with financing and saw his stock options go up in smoke.

Luckily for the rest of us he made it his mission to not let anyone else have to go through what he went through. Secfi was born.

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Technology at heart

We believe design and technology can make a difference.

We built a technology platform that takes all the complex calculations revolving around equity compensation and delivers them back to you in a simple and beautiful interface.

We are a group of passionate technologists and financial experts who want startup employees to access their pre-wealth.
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Join us in our mission to help startup employees make the best of their equity compensation. We are hiring for roles in San Francisco and Amsterdam.

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