Option Tax Planning.

Understand your taxes and create your optimal option exercise plan.

See what your startup options can be worth.

Understand how much taxes you need to pay.

See how tax planning can help you save money.

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See the cost of exercising your grants
Review a detailed tax report
See how you can save on taxes
Easy to use form to add your detailsSee the cost of exercising your grantsReview a detailed tax reportSee how you can save on taxes

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Answer some questions about your option grants and personal situation. We'll crunch the numbers and construct a personalized tax report and savings plan.

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Let us know what we can build to help you manage your startup options and equity.

Equity University

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How can I benefit from Qualified Small Business Stock?
How can exercising early help me save taxes?
What is the difference between NSOs and ISOs?
How does the Alternative Minimum Tax work?
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