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Calculate the taxes on startup options

Add your option grants, we'll break down the taxes you will owe upon exercising and suggest strategies to reduce taxes upon selling.

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of startup employees never exercise their options

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  • Supports all equity types & taxes

    Calculations support ISOs & NSOs, and includes Federal & States Taxes, as well as AMT.

  • Reduce taxes

    Understand your taxes today and explore strategies to reduce them on payout.

  • Finance your options exercise

    Become a shareholder in your company by exercising your options with Secfi financing.

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    Our simple equity assessment will tell you in minutes what your equity situation looks like.

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    Understand the cost of your options exercise with our Exercise Tax Calculator.

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    Forecast your financial exit and find out how much you could save by applying smart tax strategies.

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    Have a conversation with our team of equity strategists and start planning your taxes.

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  • We understand startups

    Our highly specialized team exclusively caters to startup employees and shareholders.

  • The right knowledge

    We know every twist and turn when it comes to getting the most out of your equity compensation.

  • Technology powered CPAs

    Our licensed CPAs use our technology platform to help craft the optimal stock option exercise plan.

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