Non-recourse exercise financing
Exercise your startup stock optionswithout payingout of pocket
Exercising prevents exploding exercise costs, and lets you earn up to 26% more through IPO tax savings*. We send you the cash you need to exercise, you pay us back after the exit.
* Based on potential tax savings upon sale of the shares upon exit.
No exit? No need to pay back.

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Employees from growing startups use Secfi

"I'm so happy I exercised with you last year. My CPA just ran the numbers for me and I saved so much money on taxes."

Software engineer at Segment

"Having no end game in sight for my shares has been stressing me out for years. What a relief to not have all that work go up in a cloud of smoke."

Operations at Palantir

"The entire process was very easy and communication was top notch."

Talent manager at Medallia

Software engineer at Segment

Operations at Palantir

Talent manager at Medallia

(Or wish they would’ve)

"I found your site too late to take advantage. I would have totally done the financing with you had I found you earlier."

Software engineer at Palantir

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There are two reasons to exercise stock options
And become a shareholder in the company you helped build
You can earn up to 26% more
Due to potential tax savings on IPO
Money you make in an IPO or exit will be taxed. Exercising your stock options at least a year upfront can reduce that tax to the lower long-term capital gains rates.
Net IPO potential gain without vs. with tax savings
For an early engineer at Pinterest
See pre IPO stock options guide
You prevent exploding exercise costs
And get to keep your equity, even if you switch jobs
Exercising stock options tends to get more expensive over time. But at most startups, you HAVE to exercise them if you leave (or else you lose them). Exercising early on prevents getting stuck later – even if you have no plans to leave anytime soon.
Exploding option exercise costs
For a senior designer at Snowflake
See Snowflake case study
Leaving your company?
You will likely need to exercise within 90 days in order to keep your equity. Our non-recourse financing can cover the costs.
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Exercising triggers a tax bill
It’s often a five or six-digit figure, making it cost-prohibitive.
Use our free Exercise Tax Calculator to anticipate yours.
It gets worse the longer you wait
If your company skyrockets, the tax bill from exercising does too.
For example, this designer at Snowflake experienced a 845% increase.
Secfi can finance your stock option exercise
You pay us back after the IPO or exit
We send you the cash you need
You exercise your stock options and pay taxes
We wait – no monthly interest payments
Successful exit?
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You pay us back with the payout of your equity

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No problem. You won't have to pay us back

We guide you all the way through
We'll take our time to guide you through your situation, explain all the complex tax concepts, and advise what's best for you. Even if that means not working with Secfi.
It’s fast
It depends on your company, but for most companies we can complete financing in 48 hours.
It’s non-recourse
Your equity is the only collateral. If disaster strikes and your equity turns out worthless, Secfi takes the loss. No IPO? Company out of business? No need to pay us back.

Frequently asked questions

What's in it for Secfi?
We take a fee.

Secfi makes money because you pay us back the financing amount, plus a fee. (But only if your equity allows – that's the non-recourse aspect.)

The fee is tied to how much your equity ends up being worth. So the more successful the IPO, the better for all of us. We're effectively investing alongside with you.

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Non-recourse sounds to good to be true. Do I really not have to pay it back?
It's true. Secfi really takes all the risk.

Your equity is the collateral for the financing, and whatever it's worth in a future exit, that’s the maximum amount you'll ever have to pay back.

If that's $0, or if there never is an exit, you won't have to pay us back at all. Your personal savings are not at risk.

We can do this because:

We are selective: We only work with employees from companies we're confident about.

We spread our risk: We finance employees from numerous startups, so we can take a loss.

Let's find out whether exercise financing makes sense for you
Book a call and we get back to you with the financing rates we can offer.
We'll model out various scenarios personalized to your situation to help you make the best decision for yourself.
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