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Options Exercise

Finance your options exercise

Become a shareholder in your company by exercising your options. Enjoy available tax savings and forget exercise deadlines.

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of startup employees never exercise their options

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The benefits of exercising

  • freedom

    You won’t lose your options when you change jobs.

  • diversification

    Use your savings to invest in other stock positions.

  • optimization

    Exercising early can significantly reduce your tax bill.

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How does it work?

  • apply

    It’s fast and easy, send us your financing request in minutes and find out how much you can get.

  • exercise

    You receive enough money to exercise your options and pay related taxes.

  • relax

    Job done, you are now an owner and shareholder! Watch your equity value evolve over time.

  • cash out

    Pay us back with the upside and enjoy the tax benefits of exercising early.

Designed for startup employees

  • No personal recourse

  • Only repay on liquidity

  • No impact on credit rating

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  • No personal recourse

    Your financing is backed by your shares. Your other personal assets are not at risk.

  • Only repay on liquidity

    You only pay us back when your shares become liquid, such as at an IPO or at the sale of the company.

  • No impact on credit rating

    We do not perform credit checks and our advances have no impact on your credit rating.

Make the most of your equity.

Answer a few questions to find out how Secfi can help you make the most of your equity situation.

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